As E-government LLC, we always keep up with the updates of ITIN applications. Currently, ITIN applications will take up to 14 weeks and more. As IRS stated that they still work on Mid-August applications.

The IRS is currently processing Form W-7s that were received in mid-August 2022. We are processing requests in the order they were received. You will be notified once your ITIN is assigned or if additional information is needed. Original identification documents that are submitted with the Form W-7 will be returned to you at the mailing address of record as quickly as possible. The associated tax return will then be submitted for processing.

Other than responding to any requests for information promptly, there is no action you should take. Do not file a second Form W-7 or tax return. Eligible taxpayers who need to obtain or renew an ITIN may submit Form W-7 and the related tax return and documentation now if they have not previously filed. Please refer to the Instructions for Form W-7 for eligibility requirements. ( Source :

Non-US Residents can apply ITIN by company formation or paper tax return. Applying ITIN by paper return makes the process longer than it was. Since IRS had back-log tax returns.