The U.S. requires an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for any nonresident or resident aliens who don’t have and aren’t eligible for a Social Security Number. Whether you are applying for an ITIN for you or your business, you need to follow these guidelines.

A limited liability company, or L.L.C., is a business designation that allows for a hybrid of corporation and partnership (or sole proprietorship) characteristics, depending on the company’s number of owners or members.

Members of an L.L.C. are given the same limited liability advantage as shareholders in a corporation. However, they are generally only taxed at the member level, similar to how partners are taxed in a partnership. L.L.C. members are technically the company owners in the same way that shareholders own a corporation or partners own a partnership.

A single-member L.L.C. can be either a corporation or a single-member “disregarded entity.” To be treated as a corporation, the single-member L.L.C. has to file I.R.S. Form 8832Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader and elect to be classified as a corporation. A single-member L.L.C. that does not elect to be treated as a corporation will be classified as a “disregarded entity,” taxed as a sole proprietorship for income tax purposes.

Anyone member of the L.L.C. can apply ITIN with the company formation documents. As E-government L.L.C., we always recommend getting ITIN at the beginning of the formation and do not wait till the tax filing. Since ITIN can be used at PayPal, Stripe, and other merchant accounts, in that case, It’s a good idea to get your ITIN. One other reason, ITIN is not something you can get in two or three days. It takes up to 12 weeks.

To get ITIN as a Non-US Resident, you should have a U.S. Company and E.I.N. Number.

Required Documents and Information For ITIN Application as a Single Member L.L.C. Owner:

• US Company Formation Documents such as Articles of Organization, Certificate of Formation, etc.
• US Company Ownership/Membership Documents such as Initial Resolutions, Statement of Organizer, Statement of Authorized Person, Resignation of Organizer, etc. (No need If your name is listed on the formation document.)
• US EIN Document (147 C or CP575)
• Passport Scan Copy (valid, colored with a scanner)
• Full home country address

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